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people refused to negotiate directly with the Government;
but finally through the good offices of the British repre-
sentative an amended rescript was drawn up and accepted.
This document I quote in full :
Whereas God Most High (glorious is His State!) hath eh-
trusted to Our hands the direction of the progress and prosperity
of the well-protected realms of Persia, and hath constituted Our
Royal Personage the Guardian of the Rights of all the people of
Persia and of all our loyal subjects—
Therefore on this occasion, our Royal and Imperial judgment
has decided, for the peace and tranquillity of all the people of
Persia, and for the strengthening and consolidation of the founda-
tions of the State, that such reforms as are this day required in
the different departments of the State and of the Empire shall
be effected ; and we do enact that an Assembly of delegates
elected by the Princes, the Mujtahids^ the Kajar family, the
nobles and notables, the landowners, the merchants and the guilds
shall be formed and constituted, by election of the classes above
mentioned, in the capital Teheran; which Assembly shall carry
out the requisite deliberations and investigations on all necessary
subjects connected with important affairs of the State and Empire
and the public'interests; and shall render the necessary help and
assistance to our Cabinet of Ministers in such reforms as are
designed to promote the happiness and well-being of Persia; and
shall, with complete confidence and security, through the instru-
mentality of the first Lord of the State, submit [their proposals to
Us], so that these, having been duly ratified by Us, may be carried
into effect. It is evident that, in accordance with this August
Rescript, you will arrange and prepare a code of regulations and
provisions governing this Assembly, and likewise the ways and
means necessary to its formation, so that, by the help of God
Most High this Assembly may be inaugurated and may take in
hand the necessary reforms.
We likewise enact that you shall publish and proclaim the
text of this August Rescript, so that all the people of Persia, being
duly informed of our good intentions, all of which regard the
progress of the Government and People of Persia, may, with
* tranquil minds, engage in prayer for Us.
Given [under Our hand] in the Sahib-Oiraniyya Palace on
the fourteenth of Jumada the Second in the eleventh year of Our
Reign (= August 5, 1906).
By this historical document, addressed to the Grand
Vizier, a National Assembly was conceded, and reforms, a
Court of Justice, and an amnesty were all promised. In